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ATL02 networking issues have been resolved

The network issue in zone ATL02 has been resolved. Please contact support if you have issues with your service.

We are experiencing a problem with ATL02 network routing

We are experiencing a problem with network routing in our ATL02 zone. Resolution of this issue is our top priority.

Upstream routing issues with some major internet providers have been reported

At about 1:45PM Eastern we started getting reports that some customers could not access websites hosted in our ATL data center. We traced the problem to a backbone providers – Level3. Comcast and several other ISPs are having connectivity issues because of this. Note that all eApps servers and network devices are working normal at […]

eApps Paas Maintenance – July 26th

eApps PaaS Maintenance on Wednesday July 26, 2017 @ 1AM EDT (GMT/UTC -4) eApps Technicians is currently performing a maintenance on the eApps PaaS system on now starting from 1 AM Eastern Daylight Time (GMT/UTC -4). The maintenance is taking a few hrs more than initial plan. It is expected to be complete by 2 […]

Upstream routing issues with Level3 have been reported, appears to be resolved

At about 10:30AM Eastern we started getting reports that some customers could not access sites in our Richmond data center. We traced the problem to backbone provider Level3 routing issues.Level3 seems to have resolved the issue at this time.

RESOLVED – PaaS (Jelastic) control panel emergency maintenance

Update: 12:30 PM EDT All PaaS components are running fine and the maintenance has been completed. ——— Update: 11:30 AM EDT The Jelastic control panel at is back online and available to manage environments. We are still working on SSH gateway functionality and we will provide another update once this is back online. ——— […]

Response issue with PaaS (Jelastic) control panel

UPDATE: All issues have been resolved and everything is working as expected. – We are aware of slow response times with the PaaS (Jelastic) System control panel. We are investigating the issue. At this point there does not appear to be any impact on customer servers. We will update once we have more information.

Resolved – Slow response from Jelastic web interface

At around 2:40 pm we started getting some alerts from the jelastic interface. We noticed some occasional slowness on the web interface. All customer servers are working normal, this problem is only affecting the Jelastic web interface. We have involved our software vendor to check this in detail and they are working on this with […]

Completed: Maintenance for eApps Website and Ticket System

Update: Scheduled maintenance completed successfully. We started the scheduled maintenance for the Ticket System and eApps Web Site. For any support requests please call our tech support line: USA +1 (770) 448 2100 | UK +44 (0)20 8133 6940

Resolved – ATL Network issue – 15:28

At 15:04 we started having some network issues in our ATL Datacenter. We see some intermittent connectivity issues because of this. Our Engineers are working on this with highest priority. We will update here once this is completely resolved. Update – 15:28 – The issue has been resolved.

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