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Resolved – Intermittent connectivity issues at NYM data center

The general connectivity issue to NYM data center has been resolved.

Intermittent connectivity issues at NYM data center

We are presently experiencing intermittent connectivity issues at the NYM data center. The issue is with the data center network. We are in contact with Packet, the data center owner/operator, about this issue and are awaiting resolution from Packet.

Enterprise Mail (Zimbra) Issue (Resolved)

We are aware of an issue affecting our Enterprise Mail Service powered by Zimbra Our Engineers are currently working on it as a high priority UPDATE 13:48 Our engineers have restored the service, if you see any further problem or require more details, please contact our support department by mailing or by phone at […]

QTS, eApps Data Center provider, confirms preparations for Hurricane Florence

Our Data Center Provider, QTS, has informed us that all preparations for their East coast data centers has been completed and that their Emergency Response Team is monitoring the storm. These preparations include the Richmond and Suwannee data centers, where eApps has operations.

Site access issues for StackPath Subscribers

Update 9:03 EDT USA: Fix has been implemented. Access should be back to normal. – – – – – – Update 9:02 EDT USA: StackPath reports issue identified and fix is being implemented. – – – – – – We are aware of an issue with the StackPath Web Application Firewall (WAF) that is preventing […]

NYM network stable

Network operations at the NYM metro data center have been stable for at least 30 minutes. However, Packet has not yet reported a final resolution to the network issues at this time. If the issues re-occur we will post another update. For status info from Packet, see

Network issues in NYM data center

Our data center provider, Packet, is reporting network issues in the NYM data center. We are seeing intermittent latency. Packet is dealing with the issue and is re-routing traffic. For Packet status information, see

Enterprise Email service is up

Enterprise Email service has been restored. Our technicians are investigating the root cause.

Enterprise Email service is down

We are experiencing issues with the Enterprise Email service (Zimbra). Our technicians are working on it as top priority.

Network issue in Atlanta Data Center

UPDATE: We have resolved the network issue. There was a situation that created a flood of network packets. This prevented normal network access. – – – – We are aware of a network issue in the Atlanta Data center and are investigating it as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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